Building a Property Website has Never been Easier

No coding is required. Using our simple admin software you can have a website up and running in a matter of minutes.

Upload Real Estate Photos for web sites Uploading images for your sites in seconds with drag and drop from your desktop.
Customize Property Templates Choose your own logo and color scheme.
Downloading Fast and Easy Upload Tool

Build Sites with No Code

Building a property site with Web Listings Pro is as easy as filling out a simple form using our admin software.

Listing form Simple Website Form

Just Fill in the Blanks

To build a single property website just simply fill out the site form. The form contains fields for all the important information needed to showcase your property. Just leave the fields you don't wish to display blank and you are good to go. Edit the fields at any time. Search and Register Domains

Custom Domains

You have the option of using one of sub-domains for free or using your own custom domain. Don't have a domain? You can search for and purchase the domain within the application. We handle all of the DNS settings and registrations so you don't have to.

Simple Image Editing Tools

Stopping messing with Photoshop to get your images just right. Use the online cropping tool to save countless hours editing and re-uploading photos.

Imac crop
Edit Property Photos Online for Real Estate Websites Edit your images right online without touching the photos on you desktop again.
Todo list Listing Checklist

Easy to Follow Checklist for Optimal Websites

Each template comes with a simple checklist to make sure you do everything you need to create a beautiful website. You won't forget to do a thing. Each time you finish a task the list is updated automatically.

Websites compatible with all devices

Each template is optimized to work on the latest smartphones and tablets.

Ipad iphone imac

Need More Features or Functionality?

If you already have a single property template or our standard templates don't meet your requirements we can work with you to build what you need.

We offer custom Real Estate website design and implementation.

Contact us for more information.